You think these signs are your friends? Read this…

You think these signs are your friends? Read this…

Everyone has frenemies, especially Aries. They tell us they love us but deep inside they are jealous of our success and ambition. I tell you how this goes down so you can protect yourself...

Capricorn - Ambitious as you, you want to take them as you wing man or wing woman on your love quests but… man they are so boring… Instead of looking forward, they are always talking about their exes. How sad!

Behind your back, your Pisces friend says to others that you can't take criticism, but if you ever do it to them, they go home crying every time you point out something negative about them.

Freaking Taurus, they think they are so pretty and cool, but really they are just snobs. They can't do anything in the spur of the moment; have to think the pros and cons before everything. No wonder why they are second to us in the Zodiac.

Consider looking for friends that are at your level, Aries.

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