Libra, do this to clear negative energy from your aura...

Libra, do this to clear negative energy from your aura...

Feeling off, Libra? Your aura probably contains some negative energy. It happens to all of us, especially Libras, who are swayed quite dramatically by extreme forces. Luckily, this easy exercise can rid your aura of negatives and restore positive vibrations.

1. Go somewhere quiet where you feel at peace.
2. Get comfortable. Don't wear any restrictive clothing, make sure you are not hot or cold, lay or sit so your muscles are as relaxed as possible.
3. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically.
4. Visualize a warm white light glowing from the top of your head and then moving down slowly to your feet, enveloping you in warmth, safety and love.
5. Check in with your emotions. Are you feeling good? If not, imagine shadowy spots on your body and let the light move over them, illuminating them.
6. Keep checking in with your feelings until you feel positive, hopeful, and calm. Saying or thinking, "Inhale love, exhale compassion" helps, too.

Repeat this for at least a few minutes daily until you're feeling balanced.

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