Capricorns need this for good quality sleep...

Capricorns need this for good quality sleep...

Even though we work so hard, most Capricorns have trouble sleeping. The main culprit? An overly-active mind that serves us well during waking hours, but keeps us up at night.

If you're like me, you've tried just about everything to sleep. But the truth is, sleep hygiene is unique for us. Instead of the usual tips, follow these and see if you don't sleep more soundly...

1. Do whatever turns off your inner dialogue. I like to put on a mindless TV show (like a cooking program or a favorite childhood movie) or read a travel magazine until I start to drift off to sleep. It takes my mind off all the mentally taxing stuff.

2. Never eat so much that you feel full before bed. This is a pretty common tip, but it's critical for Capricorns, who are prone to indigestion and heart burn. No highly saturated fats, high sodium, or carb-heavy meals. Try a salad with chicken or fish.

3. Cool your body down. This tells your brain it's time to sleep. Take a cool shower, put on a cold pack, wash your face in cold water, put on a fan, crack open a window... whatever works for you.

Sleep tight, Cappie!

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