Is Shia LeBeouf crazy, or a genius Gemini?

Is Shia LeBeouf crazy, or a genius Gemini?

Once a promising young actor dubbed "the next Tom Hanks," Shia LeBeouf is now best known for his antics, arrests, and strange Tweets. Here's a round-up of some of his weird stunts... he's so eccentric, you'd think he's an Aquarius!

- Right now he's watching all of the movies he's ever made, and live-streaming himself at a theater while doing so.
- He gets into many public fights and outbursts, including one outside a strip club with a total stranger who was just passing by and another inside a Walgreens.
- He wore a paper bag over his head to a red carpet premiere. It said, "I am not famous anymore."

So, do you think he's nuts, or is this creative Gemini just putting on a show?

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