What kind of friend each sign will be for a Virgo...

What kind of friend each sign will be for a Virgo...

While Virgos are ultra-independent and able to get by fine on their own, having a tight circle of amazing friends is a big asset. Having at least one good friend of each Zodiac Sign is best. Here's what each sign can offer to you, Virgo...

Aries will know when you need help but are too proud to ask for it.
Taurus will encourage you to indulge in the finer things. You're worth it!
Gemini will bring out your inner child. You work too much!
Cancer will be the first to bring you what you need when you're sick.
Leo will entertain you when you get a bit too serious.
Another Virgo will challenge you to be even better.
A Libra pal will help you see past the clutter of details.
Scorpio will bring out your feisty, passionate side.
Sagittarius will encourage you to try new things and have adventures.
Capricorn will give you great work and money advice.
Aquarius will help you see when you're being too self-critical.
Pisces supports your wildest dreams, however unrealistic.

What signs(s) are your BFFs?

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