These signs tell a Capricorn they've met The One...

These signs tell a Capricorn they've met The One...

Looking for love, or wonder where a relationship is headed? Capricorns don't want to waste their time on someone with no lasting potential, after all. Here are pretty fail-safe signs that you're with your soul mate...

They challenge you without de-valuing you. You like a little competition and love when a mate makes you reconsider your beliefs and methods, but ultimately your way is usually the best way. You want a little challenge, but never someone who makes you feel inferior or - gasp - stupid.

Your inner dialogue of doubts silences. When it's the right person, you won't be questioning all the little things. You will be able to relax and go with the flow, because deep down you are content and secure.

You work less. Key word "less", as in shorter hours. The quality and efficiency of your work actually improves, because you are happy, and because you want to spend more time with them.

Finally, you find yourself smiling more, and the things that used to annoy you don't, at least not so much. And this feeling lasts for years, not just during the honeymoon phase of the first few months. You grow bored and unimpressed easily, so if you don't this might be your soul mate.

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