How to get back at your ex without losing your dignity...

How to get back at your ex without losing your dignity...

Hurt by an ex? Want to get even? Sure, we all have revenge fantasies when someone we care about hurts, leaves, or stops loving us. But a Virgo is above immature tactics. Here's how to save a little of your pride that will make your ex regret the day they lost you, without any real harm done...

Aries ex: Revamp your health and fitness. Looking good will be great for you, anyway.
Taurus ex: Update your outer appearance. Just a few nice articles of clothing or a chic new hairstyle are enough.
Gemini ex: Make new friends and get out and be more social.
Cancer ex: Get in touch with your domestic side. Show how caring you are by volunteering or get a pet.
Leo ex: Join a theater group, train for a marathon, or something else where you can be in the spotlight.
Virgo ex: Think about what you want most in life... and do what it takes to get it!
Libra ex: Give them a taste of their own medicine. Did they cheat? Become friends with that person!
Scorpio ex: What did you find sexiest about them? Make that your new sexy attribute.
Sagittarius ex: Go on a fantastic vacation and don't forget to post pics where they will see!
Capricorn ex: Score a raise, get a new job or a promotion, or achieve a goal you'd been putting off.
Aquarius ex: Come up with a fantastic new approach or invention and share on social media.
Pisces ex: Fulfill one of your childhood dreams, or one that seems impossible to achieve.

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