Yes, even the hottest of all signs has flaws…

Yes, even the hottest of all signs has flaws…

Profound and passionate defines us as the most magnetic of all signs. But, as hard as it can be for us to admit, we also make mistakes; especially if we don't get what we want… when we want it!

We are all guilty of these...

1. Scorpio's least favorite thing is failure and will become stubborn in order to succeed.
2. Most of us hold grudges when people do us wrong.
3. Most Scorpios fear revealing their secrets to the point of never really trusting anybody.
4. We are very jealous. Whoever dares to cross us in love will experience our legendary fury.
5. Inflexibility. Our fixed nature can make us obsessive, and there is no dropping a subject after that.

Can you admit to all of these, Scorpio?!

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