Devoted and sensitive Crab also has flaws…

Devoted and sensitive Crab also has flaws…

Sympathetic and empathetic defines us as the most intuitive beings of the Zodiac. But as tenacious as Crabs are, we also make mistakes geniuses make mistakes, especially when we are moody.

We are all guilty of these...

1. Timid and sometimes insecure, it's hard for us to open-up to other people.
2. We can be manipulate or even passive-aggressive to get what we want and when we want it.
3. As family people, some of us have… ouch… mommy issues.
4. Sentimentally attached to feelings and material things, we can easily become packrats.
5. Crabs get lazy to the point of being extreme couch potatoes.

Come on, Crab! Admit it!

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