Things an Aquarius can't deal with on the job...

Things an Aquarius can't deal with on the job...

You're a very valuable employee because you are so unique and innovative. And you're so independent and dependable, you never need to be supervised. Well, not much, anyway.

But while you're no problem employee, job stress gets to you big time if these work sins are committed...

Micro-managing. If anyone is watching your every move and wanting too many status updates, you might be ready to snap.

Too many meetings. You can't stand talking about projects... you want to WORK on them!

Teamwork. Let me clarify... you can work as a team just fine, but it can become a problem when you're teamed up with others who slack off, goof around, or are just downright incompetent.

Repetition. You hate boring, routine work. You need to be challenged and you love change.

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