This diet is the key to your wellness, Libra...

Posted by Justin Scalia
This diet is the key to your wellness, Libra...

Feeling out of whack? Libras are always trying to maintain a balanced mood, but the slightest things can make you feel out of sorts. After all, you care a lot so the smallest things can upset you.

To maintain your delicate balance, you need to be eating a healthy mix of all six of the Ayurvedic tastes each day. Include at least one of the following every day:

Sweet: Yams or sweet potatoes, low-fat dairy, honey.
Salty: Salted nuts, soy sauce, sea salt sprinkled on food.
Sour: Pickled foods, berries, citrus fruits.
Pungent: Spicy seasonings like pepper, onions, garlic, ginger, and horseradish.
Bitter: Dark green and deep yellow vegetables like kale and beets.
Astringent: Tea, beans, legumes, tart apples.

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