Whoopsie! Here are the mistakes all Gemini make...

Whoopsie! Here are the mistakes all Gemini make...

Geminis pride themselves as communication pros, but sometimes we miss the mark. Here are three types of mistakes all Geminis make from time to time. How guilty are you of these?

1. Being too nosy. Our curiosity can work against us when we get involved in things we are really better off staying out of. Know your boundaries.
2. Letting our desires outweigh our needs. Usually we benefit from trusting our instincts, but sometimes our passions lead us astray. That heartbreaker you can't resist or a too-good-to-be-true but tempting offer? Learn to say no more often.
3. Settling for what we think we "should" want. True to being a dual personality, this one is the opposite problem of #2... we can't just do what is expected or what works for everyone else. We need to find that fine balance of what we love and what will keep our lives stable.

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