Why Joe Manganiello should be the Sexiest Man Alive...

Why Joe Manganiello should be the Sexiest Man Alive...

It's almost that time - People announces its Sexiest Man Alive every November. And I am making the case for their best bet: Capricorn native Joe Manganiello!

Besides being super sexy, here are the reasons why Joe should win the title:
Capricorns have taken the title more than any other sign, so he's already a shoo-in. The others? The first, Mel Gibson, along with Denzel Washington, Jude Law, and Bradley Cooper.
• He's married to Sofia Vergara, easily one of the sexiest women alive (even though she's a Cancer).
• He's a superstar: TV and film actor, model, director, producer, AND author! No doubt he has many other talents as well.
• He's humble, and worked to get even sexier. True-to-Capricorn fashion!
• Ummm, look at his bod again if you need further convincing!

What do you think? I mean, don't even try to argue otherwise, but... comment section is all yours!

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