Oops! Here are the mistakes all Taurus make...

Oops! Here are the mistakes all Taurus make...

Taurus is nearly flawless, but still human. We can't be perfect all the time. There are certain things Bulls do that can really make a mess of things. We are ALL guilty of these...

1. Always being there. This is definitely also a major plus, but the mistake lies in being so dependable that when you can't (or don't want to) be there, all hell breaks loose -- and you suffer the consequences.
2. Freaking out with unexpected changes. You can't control everything, but you try. Let some things go, Bull. Life is not always so neat and pretty.
3. Waiting too long. You're patient, which is good. But acting on impulse/seizing the day is also good, and sometimes you miss out if you don't.
4. Not backing down. You argue with someone. You know you are right. At least, you think you are... but sometimes compromise or letting someone else have a win is better than ruffling feathers.
5. Enjoying things in excess. Whether it's your favorite dessert, going to a casino, sex, or shopping, sometimes you can't moderate. You love it, after all!

I admit it, I am guilty on all accounts. And, in true Taurus fashion, I don't take anything back!

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