Things Capricorns are tired of hearing...

Things Capricorns are tired of hearing...

Capricorns are the go-to sign for, well, just about everything. From work projects to home issues to relationship advice, other signs seek us out for our expertise, patience, and practicality.

But we have our limits! Here are some phrases that get under a Sea Goats' usually thick skin, and how we'd really like to respond (lucky you, we are too tactful to say it)...

"Sorry to interrupt, but do you have a minute?" No, I don't. What now?!
"You're so lucky you don't have ____." Um, how do you know? I have problems, too, I just don't blab about them like you do.
"It's not that big of a deal." Really? That's cuz I am the one dealing with it!
"Are you OK?" Yes, I am just trying to focus! I have important things on my mind.

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