This outspoken Gemini is dishing dirt about...

This outspoken Gemini is dishing dirt about...

Since Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology, which many think of as more of a cult, she hasn't stopped talking about her disdain for it. Now, she's telling all in a new book.

Her first big reveal? How badly Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allegedly treated their daughter, Suri. She claims they ignored their crying daughter while throwing a dinner party before their wedding. She also claims that Tom's kids with ex Nicole Kidman (a strong-willed Leo) treated her as the enemy once she left Scientology.

So, should we believe Leah, a blunt and bold Gemini with her Moon in intense and strong-willed Scorpio, or Tom, a Cancer known to be a bit, umm, off-kilter. He has a Leo Moon, which explains his need for attention. Katie, a Sagittarius, famously "escaped" her marriage to Tom and has since devoted her life to being an amazing mom to Suri, who is rarely seen with Tom.

Remini has never been one to go along with the crowd, nor seek mega-fame. She is happy to be the wing woman for her super famous pals, like Leo Jennifer Lopez. She's not afraid to stick up for those she cares about, which I bet is what she's doing here for Suri. What do you think?

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