Emma Watson flirts with John Boyega…

Emma Watson flirts with John Boyega…

During an open session of #AskEmma questions on Twitter, Aries Emma Watson had what's been called a "flirting exchange tag session" with co-star Pisces John Boyega.

Apparently, the talented British youngsters enjoyed working together so much during the filming of Dave Eggers that they want to do it all over again! Listen, Hollywood?

Is there love in the stars for these two? Well, to be honest, I really doubt it. Fire and Water just don't match, we all know that, dear Emma.

These two signs do not soothe each other, while Emma's courage would provide sensitive John emotional security and vitality; this couple will only function if the Ram surrounds the Pisces with constant affection.

Emma is way too busy for that. As a tenacious and well-known feminist and activist, she travels the world supporting her #HeforShe campaign.

It's obvious that John's artistic and compassionate presence soothed her soul for a bit, but eventually, she would get really bored with him. Sorry, John.

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