How Geminis can handle their skin woes and get gorgeous!

How Geminis can handle their skin woes and get gorgeous!

True to your dualistic nature, you probably have combination skin. Are your eyelids dry but your forehead oily? Rough elbows but soft and delicate hands? I have some suggestions for you that work for me!

Drink more water and herbal tea to balance out both extremes. I like to infuse my water with fruit for flavor and the added benefits of fresh lemon, orange, or berries. I sometimes put a mint sprig in it, too. Warm lemon water in the morning or on chilly days, ice water otherwise. Get a BPA-free bottle and carry it with you everywhere so you remember to keep sipping!
• Use a sensitive skin face wash. I prefer a foaming cleanser in warm seasons and cold cream for winter. After, use a toner for combination skin. Follow that with a light, natural face moisturizer. You might even try a face oil - it can actually take away some natural oiliness!
Exfoliate with a home-made sugar scrub once per week. Simply mix a spoon of fine-grain sugar, a sprinkle of baking soda, and either water if your skin has been oily or yogurt if it's been dry, mix it to make a thin paste, and gently rub it in circular motion to your face and any other skin that needs attention.

You're glowing already!

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