Jennifer Lawrence makes Leo women proud…

Jennifer Lawrence makes Leo women proud…

One of the "supposedly" highest-paid actresses of our times, Jennifer Lawrence spoke out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

In an essay published on Lena Dunham's site Lenny, the Silver Linings Playbook actor set aside her Leo pride in order to defend not only her, but other women in the industry.

Unlike Amy Adams, barely a Leo (born on the Virgo cusp), she admitted she made a mistake and gave up too soon while negotiating her pay to film American Hustle.

In Emma Watson's own words, "Great article! Totally relatable even though she does make millions. We have to fight at all levels or we'll never be equal".

I don't know about you Leos, but I love this girl, I think she's rad! I can't wait to see more of this Leo's fiery and confident personality.

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