Virgos are often 'the one who got away' - here's why...

Virgos are often 'the one who got away' - here's why...

This time of year makes me sentimental about my relationships. Namely, the ones that aren't going so well or have ended. This year is especially hard, because I went through a tough breakup.

I thought my ex was my soul mate. Sometimes I still do. She is definitely going to be my "one who got away." And then I realized why... of course... she's a Virgo!

Us Virgos are the hardest to get over, so it's common for our exes to pine away for us long after the relationship ends - even if they are the one to end it!

So, why are we so darn memorable? Well, we are awesome, of course. But there's also intrinsic, unique Virgo traits that make others cling to us like cat hair on black pants:
• Perfectionist Virgos challenge others to be their best.
• We are loyal and our mates know feel super secure with us.
• Our kindness makes those we love feel really special.
• Our analytical nature helps us help others fix any problem.

So, keep this is mind next time an annoying ex reaches out. Unless you've fallen for a Virgo yourself, you'll never know the pain of losing out on the best partner in the Zodiac!

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