Do Aries stars have the most on-off relationships?

Do Aries stars have the most on-off relationships?

Aries loves to dive in head first. When they're attracted to someone, there's very little they can do to stop themselves.

Case in point is reality star Kourtney Kardashian, whose on-again-off again relationship (and baby-making!) with Scott Disick has been making headlines for years.

Aries can have problems committing fully. Kourtney and Scott famously zoomed off to Vegas for a quickie marriage, only to cancel at the last minute. In 2009, Kourtney accused Scott of cheating and broke up with him, only to reconcile a few days later when Kim explained why he was meeting with another woman.

After what seemed like a final breakup this year, now rumor has it they are back on. Will they or won't they? We may never know.

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