Female celebrities who should have been Scorpio...

Female celebrities who should have been Scorpio...

- Definitely intense, fearless, and sexual, Miley Cyrus was born only a few days after the Sun passed Scorpio. I think she was a little late, wasn't she?!

- Scarlett Johansson is the ultimate lost Scorpio. She was born right on the cusp and her chart shows five of her planets in the sexiest of all signs.

- Missing the Scorpio sunrise by only a few days, Kim Kardashian is everything but "balanced" like a Libra Sun would be. She's dramatic, seductive, and owns one of the most mysterious gazes.

- Who could ooze sex appeal like jaw-dropping model Candice Swanepoel? Only a Scorpio! Right?! This Libra beauty also missed the dark and mysterious sign by only a few days.

- Libra sex symbol Monica Belluci is the epitome of the Scorpio femme fatal. Her Neptune in Scorpio gives her an interest for the occult as well as her deep and mysterious allure.

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