This lovely Pisces knows the art of self-TLC...

This lovely Pisces knows the art of self-TLC...

Edge of Tomorrow star Emily Blunt has acted in nearly 30 films - and that doesn't even include her radio, television, and stage work!

So how does a hardworking star take it easy? She loves naps in her hammock. "My dad used to swing my brothers and sisters and me in one under the apple tree." She massages her tired feet - her mother is a trained reflexologist "and she'd practice on the family."

She also watches TV - The Voice, because it "embraces talented people who need a chance." And she cooks pasta - she discovered cacio e pepe, or peasant pasta, when living in Rome. "It's just spaghetti with butter, cheese and black pepper - the greatest meal in the world." That's amore!

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