Scorpio Katy Perry has terrible taste in men...

Scorpio Katy Perry has terrible taste in men...

Scorpios are creative, artistic, powerful and amazing, but they also have an intense emotional life that can ultimately direct them to self-destruction. Unfortunately, we can clearly see this trait with pop superstar Katy Perry's taste in men.

Katy has 5 planets in Scorpio, but it's specifically her moon - the star that rules her emotions - in the darkest of signs the reason why Katy's love relationships are so unstable, short-term, extreme, and superficial.

From flash-dates to troubled marriages, Katy has made all the wrong choices:

- Who could put up with jerky and controlling British comedian Russell Brand? No one, not even her!

- Sorry Katy, but sleeping with John Mayer means sleeping with two thirds of Hollywood. Plus, he's not even cute!

- Scientology actor and old-lady killer Johnny Lewis wasn't such a freak when they went out back in 2006, but he certainly turned into one!

- Travie McCoy wasn't the best boyfriend material either, especially after he trash-talked her on TV.

- The video of rapper Riff Raff holding some model's derriere in Miami while talking about his date with Katy is just... disgusting.

What are you doing, girl?! You can do SO much better than that, Katy!

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