Scorpio celebs that have gone nutso...

Scorpio celebs that have gone nutso...

Going nuts is something that happens to a lot of people at some point in their lives. But when it happens to a Scorpio celebrity, it happens all the way. This sign doesn't mess around, even when it's about going crazy or losing their head!

• The shoplifting disaster Winona Ryder suffered back in 2001 was definitely life changing, but the Generation X actress reassured us it was the best thing that could have happened to her.
• Quirky actor Owen Wilson really experienced his dark Scorpio side in 2007 when he tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, he saw the light and seems to be much happier now.
Ethan Hawke is believed to have cheated on ex-wife Uma Thurman with their former nanny. His declarations on "sexual fidelity" were even more shocking afterwards.
• TV actress Piper Perabo used to make crazy faces to the camera every time she stepped on a red carpet, to the point of calling the media's attention. Luckily she has outgrown this bad habit.
• "Is he out of his mind?" you were probably thinking while watching Scorpio Seth MacFarlane hosting the 2013 Oscars in the most awkward and sexist way.

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