Suddenly this magnetic Libra is everywhere...

Suddenly this magnetic Libra is everywhere...

Libra Bella Thorne does it all - act, sing, dance, write, compose, and model. Fans know her as Ruthy in My Own Worst Enemy (her first recurring role), Tancy in Big Love, and CeCe on Disney's Shake it Up.

She's acted with Hollywood headliners, starred in a web series, and released an album. Libras are master multitaskers, and Bella seems to have no problem at all! A diagnosis of dyslexia in first grade didn't slow her down:

"Never let anyone make you think that you aren't as good as someone else because you have a disability," she says.

Now she's writing a series of novels. The first, Autumn Falls, is about how life changes for a teen who discovers magic. Looks like that's already happened to Bella!

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