This Virgo celeb doesn't forget to be awesome...

This Virgo celeb doesn't forget to be awesome...

In 2006, Y.A. writer John Green came up with the idea of communicating with his brother for a year only through YouTube videos. The project helped his novel, and now movie, The Fault in Our Stars in ways he couldn't have predicted, thanks to the Vlogbrothers' more than two million subscribers!

Like most Virgos, John is smart, conscientious, and something of a worrier. His books examine the "big questions." He says, "I love the intensity teenagers bring not just to first love but also to the first time you're grappling with grief... and whether there's meaning in life."

Fans know that D.F.T.B.A. means "Don't Forget to Be Awesome" - good advice from this introspective Virgo!

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