This Virgo funnyman takes care of the details...

This Virgo funnyman takes care of the details...

Diligent, perfectionist, methodical - that sounds like a Virgo, yes, but a comedian? Totally! Some of the most intense people are the wittiest.

There is method to Louis C.K.'s madness. This detail-oriented performer keeps creative control over everything he does as he writes, stars in, produces, and directs, like he did for his semi-fictional FX comedy series Louis.

Honing his craft with the likes of David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Dana Carvey, and Chris Rock, it wasn't a simple, steady rise to the top.

"Failure is the road to becoming a great comedian," he says.

GQ has called Louis C.K. "the greatest comic talent of his generation," but the praise doesn't go to his head. He says, "It's like if you were being called a really good pilot. That doesn't make it easier to fly the plane."

That's so Virgo!

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