This rising Virgo celeb is talented and thoughful!

This rising Virgo celeb is talented <i>and</i> thoughful!

Not all celebs are vain and self-absorbed! When Dylan O'Brien got the part of Stiles on MTV's Teen Wolf, he wanted fans to see how "genuinely sweet and loyal" the guy was. And like a true Virgo, Dylan is "super internal... I will go any distance to remain internal and not open up."

He's been around the business all his life - his dad's a cameraman and his mom ran an acting school. At age 10 he made videos and posted them on YouTube. He wanted to go to film school, but people loved his videos, one thing led to another, and by 17 he was going to auditions. Next up is the sci-fi The Maze Runner.

His advice? "Just to be proactive... just be doing your own thing. Eventually, good things will happen. And if not, you're still doing what you want to do!"

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