Are Gemini stars divas or down-to-earth?

Are Gemini stars divas or down-to-earth?

In his professional life, Canadian actor Torrance Coombs is no stranger to royalty, political intrigue, and murder. He has played Shakespeare, served as Thomas Culpepper, groom to King Henry VIII on Showtime's The Tudors (although he met an untimely death for his dalliance with Queen Katherine), and Sebastian, the illegitimate half-brother to Prince Francis on CW's Reign.

But if anyone thinks the young star puts on airs, they couldn't be more wrong. Coombs says that his two rescue cats, Renly and Daenerys, wake him at six in the morning, no matter what. The avid Game of Thrones fan doesn't mind. "It's a good reminder that not everything is about me."

Long may he reign!

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