Aquarian expectations aim high, so never settle!

Aquarian expectations aim high, so never settle!

All you want out of life is lots of interesting, smart friends, a wonderful partner, meaningful work, everyone to be happy, and the world to be a better place! That would seem like a fool's dream if you weren't so dedicated to making it all come true.

Some people think you have extremely high standards, and they may think they aren't as capable as you or measure up to your level. Aquarius is, after all, a near-genius level individual. The truth is that those who are able to really get to know you will discover a friendship or relationship that lasts through the years.

You are a very good at look past the flaws (even if you don't do the same for you!) and see their strengths. You focus on what they have to offer and are smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others so you don't have to make them yourself!

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