This exotic bloom is meant for Aquarius...

This exotic bloom is meant for Aquarius...

Exotic, otherworldly, ravishing, awe-inspiring - descriptions of you or the flower associated with your sign, the incomparable orchid.

It would be hard to find another flower with such beauty, variety, and weirdness. Start with orchid if you seek a new fragrance to add to your collection.

Halle Berry's Pure Orchid combines it with blackberry, star anise, tonka bean, lemon, cactus flower, papaya, and sequoia.

Osafume by Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes melds the Dendrobium with anise, magnolia, heliotrope, vanilla, and white musk.

And Tom Ford's Black Orchid for men includes notes of bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and vanilla.

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