Are you overdosing on something you love, Libra?

Are you overdosing on something you love, Libra?

You know how much you love sugary treats and rich desserts. They're your weakness! But too much of the sweet stuff contributes to way more than cavities and weight gain.

It can lead to heart disease, liver disease, and some types of cancer. Yowza! If you need to curb carbs, you don't have to go cold turkey.

1. Sip drinks without the added sugar, like water, seltzer water, and unsweetened tea or coffee.

2. Choose snacks without sugar. Try fresh fruit instead.

3. Eat fewer refined carbs like white pasta, bread, and crackers.

4. Eliminate hidden sugars like the ones in salad dressings. Yes, you'll have to read labels!

5. Keep it up. Treat yourself now and then, but that sugar-rush craving should now be tamed!

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