The biggest role a Libra will ever play...

The biggest role a Libra will ever play...

As a Libra, you have a rare gift to achieve gain with minimum offence. Charming, tactful and diplomatic, interaction between the masses is your specialty.

If you don't make your living as a peace negotiator on the world stage, you should. Nobody can mediate a dispute the way you can. Your ability to see all sides of an issue is unparalleled.

You have a deep sense of fair play, and you can debate your views with equanimity and intelligence. You are also smart enough to avoid becoming passive aggressive in order to keep the peace because you know it could backfire.

And while some think that taking your time analyzing profoundly prevents you from making decisions, au contraire! You can - once you abandon the notion that everything must work out in a perfect 50/50 balance.

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