No one can accuse a Libra of playing games!

No one can accuse a Libra of playing games!

There has been talk about Libra's tendency to be manipulative. It has been said that because you are so charming, gracious and good at getting along with people, you can become shallow and superficial.

Since the Scales always need to balance for your sign Libra, you like to make sure you're fair with everyone you meet. People always look to your for impartial judgment on the people and situations in their own lives.

You're more than happy to oblige, trying to see both sides of the story without getting too emotionally involved. Fairness is also important as you move through your working life.

You may find it difficult to accept when life doesn't always treat you fairly. But you're buoyant, and keep believing that next time, you'll get it right!

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