How hardworking Caps can get enough sleep and sexy time

Posted by Amalie Stubbs
How hardworking Caps can get enough sleep and sexy time

As unromantic as it may sound, you may want to go over your weekly schedule and determine some times each day when you can get it on - or at least be intimate with your partner. That means everything from talking to a romantic dinner out to hand-holding and, yes, sex.

Like your job, if you're in a relationship you need to dedicate a lot of your time and attention to it, or you may start lagging or worse - be given the pink slip. So, take a practical approach (you're so good at it!) to ensure your love life is solid.

Once you make yourself available, then you can throw practicality out the window and have fun! Bonus if your partner is more spontaneous - let them take the lead!

Single? You have to work even harder... but it's more fun, too. Make time for going out, creating an online dating profile, calling up dating prospects, and boosting your looks so you feel and look beautiful when love comes around.

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