Actions speak louder than words, especially for Caps

Actions speak louder than words, especially for Caps

You're a true go-getter, but are you missing romantic opportunities? Probably. Why? Because when a Capricorn is interested in someone, they are less likely to come out and say how they feel than other signs because of your fear of rejection.

You might do all the little things to show you like someone, but it might take a mind-reader to know why you do what you do. And others are afraid of hurt and embarrassment too, so unless you're explicitly giving them red roses, giving very flirty looks, touching their hand, going in for a kiss, etc., your crush or partner may assume you're just being polite.

So, speak up more. Make sure your loved ones know you love them. That means backing up your actions with words - and a little more romance wouldn't hurt. It's fun to give and receive happy reactions.

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