Old fashioned? No way - We are totally progressive!

Old fashioned? No way - We are totally progressive!

Cancer can be a little skeptical and withdrawn at times, but that's just cuz they are using their hard outer shell for protection against the world, which they view as potentially hurtful.

Emotionally, you can be reserved until you get to know them better. That's good! When you make a friend, you're friends forever.

But people think Cancer can be a little conservative, preferring boring old-fashioned values to those of today. Not so! Some of the most out-there celebrities are Cancers: Will Ferrell, Pamela Anderson, and Courtney Love.

They love to make life easier with modern technology, and will embrace texting, emailing and other devices as long as it will draw them closer to others. As long as it serves a good purpose, you're willing to adapt!

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