Tired of waiting for love?

By Horoscope.com

On October 17, 2014

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Tired of waiting for love?

Have you been waiting for love, and waiting… and waiting? Does it seem like he or she is not out there and that you could just go on waiting for the rest of your life? Timing can be very problematic when it comes to meeting a person you are compatible with. Your birth charts could be perfectly aligned, but unless you’re both ready for it, love may never unfold.

When someone talks about timing being everything, what do they really mean? Timing refers to life circumstances being in alignment in such a way that a potential mate is in a position to truly commit to a relationship. They are ready to give and receive love. The stars are aligned and two people have been given the green light for chemistry, romance, and the possibility of love. When both individuals are not of the same mindset and their focus is on everything but being in a personal relationship then the timing is not right.

Timing is not the only ingredient that makes a relationship viable, but it is an essential ingredient. Just think about this scenario – when you are focused on your career or just bouncing back from heartbreak, the timing to meet someone new is not good. Your focus is elsewhere. So are your heart and your mind.

You could meet someone fantastic and not even recognize it because you are not in the right place in life to notice. You have to be headed in the same general direction as a potential partner to reach the same point at the same time. Don’t worry though, you will get there. Love is out there and accessible to everyone.

The Synchronicity Principle
Psychologist Carl Jung spent most of his life studying astrology and Tarot. The term he coined to describe the phenomena of timing was “synchronicity.” The Synchronicity Principle as he described it was based on the belief that, “There are no accidents.” He felt that all things that happen do so for a reason and have a timing element to them. He went on to say that all coincidences are meaningful if only it is possible to read the meaning behind them.

Relationship timing is not easy for everyone to understand. How do your really know when the timing to meet someone is right or wrong? The answer is that you really do not know. The good news is that your thoughts are powerful and what you need to do is figure out what you want from a potential mate and a future relationship and work from there.

The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction teaches us that we draw everything to us by our thoughts and what we focus on. Focus on what you want and be clear about it. Let the Universe know your wishes. Steer yourself in the direction that appeals to you. Think of it this way – when you get into your car you steer it in the direction you want to go as opposed to the direction you don’t want to go. You don’t drive your car to the bowling alley if you want to go see a movie. What you do is you drive to the movie theatre. Timing is not completely within your control but you can do your part to prepare for love.

Due to the crucial element of time instead of sitting around and feeling frustrated about your circumstances, get out there and be visible! Go out with friends and enjoy yourself. You will not find a compatible partner if you are sitting home alone in front of your computer or television. If you are confident in who you are and are happy and enthusiastic about your life then you will generate good energy, and this is an incredible draw for that special someone to notice you. It is easier to catch someone’s eye when you have things going on in your life that make it joyous and fulfilling.

If someone wants to meet the love of their life and have timing work in their favor than he or she must determine what type of person they want. You must figure out what is attractive to the person you want, and go out to the places where these people will be. Or, you can create situations where these types will come to you, like get into a hobby your ideal mate would admire. Timing is only one part of the love equation. Do your part to draw love closer to you.

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