Can Same Sign Couples Work?


On October 21, 2014

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Can Same Sign Couples Work?

Being with the same sign can be either a match made in heaven or hell on earth. Even though the two of you aren’t identical, you will see some of your best and worst qualities reflected in your partner. Although some pairs are naturally more compatible than others, it will ultimately be up to the two of you to find the problems to fix.

Aries – Aries: When two Fire Signs meet, there’s often an explosion! Aries partners can be incompatible if they let this lead to constantly butting heads with each other. However, if you let each others’ impulses inspire you, the partnership can be made to work.

Taurus – Taurus: A Taurus pair can be quite compatible, as both can sometimes have a homebody nature. These two Earth Signs represent stability when joined. When there are arguments, you can bet they will be about money or something else that could upset the stability.

Gemini – Gemini: A fling between two Gemini people can be a whirlwind of passionate pillow talk and adventure. However, the compatibility is in trouble for the long haul. With no stable sign to tie the relationship down, the two are likely to drift apart when one or the other gets bored.

Cancer – Cancer: A pair of Cancer people can be compatible only if they each finally learn to appreciate having a sensitive partner. The emotional cup can run over in a Cancer relationship, however. When these relationships fail, they often end with a tearful blowout.

Leo – Leo: A relationship between two Leos can be incompatible simply because one or the other feels the need to take the lead at all times. This power can be traded back and forth for a while, but true equality is a rare treat with this explosive combination.

Virgo – Virgo: Two Virgos can be a match made in heaven. Each of you has high expectations of the other. This can sometimes lead to strife, but it more often leads to the two of you helping each other become better people. You polish each other like rocks in a tumbler.

Libra – Libra: A Libra pair can only work if you both learn to pick your battles. Ironically, each one desires harmony and will at times either let resentment fester rather than argue or pick at every nagging detail. Compatibility depends on awareness of this issue.

Scorpio – Scorpio: Although two Scorpios can fall for each other hard and quickly, the relationship might be incompatible from the start, punctuated as it could be with frequent fights and emotional upheaval. The two can make it work, but there will always be passionate differences between them.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius: Two Sagittarius people are difficult to keep together in a compatible relationship simply because each is competitive and often fears the other is infringing on his or her freedom. Luckily, the two are honest with each other, which can mitigate the natural incompatibility.

Capricorn – Capricorn: A Capricorn relationship can last for a long time, since each partner knows that the other needs a life outside of the relationship. Respectful of each other’s work and private time, Capricorn couples slowly form a deep bond of shared values.

Aquarius – Aquarius: While two Aquarius people can make very compatible friends, encouraging each other to explore individual pursuits, this can make each partner a little self-centered in a relationship. Both might ignore the emotional aspects of the relationship unless they can head off the problems together.

Pisces – Pisces: A Pisces pair may seem compatible on the surface, but they plan dreams together without actually making them happen. This can lead to eventual incompatibility. The two of you need to make sure not to sacrifice yourselves to the point of becoming stagnant or resentful.

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