Surprising Places to Find Love


On October 17, 2014

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Surprising Places to Find Love

You can count on finding an Aries at a car show, find a Leo at a poker parlor, a Virgo or an Aquarius at the farmer’s market, and a Libra at a jewelry shop. There are other haunts, though, that are just as true to the Sun Sign if you’re looking for a mate. Here are some of the more “secret” spots to meet a partner.

Aries: Try the livestock barns at the county fair. Slow-paced and smelly, maybe, but Aries the Ram has a soft spot for small, fuzzy animals like sheep and goats. Or, on a hike, Aries will be the one who is bushwhacking and can’t stay on the path. Don’t try to keep up. Let Aries come to you.

Taurus: A Taurus might just prowl the ballrooms of an orchid show, or the tables at an orchid nursery. Orchids need everything that a Taurus understands – stability, security, and a solid, steady environment. And, they’re beautiful. Don’t be shocked to find a Taurus at a gem and mineral show, either.

Gemini: The lights and noise of a casino will attract a Gemini, who is always thrilled to win but doesn’t need to. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and bike paths will also draw your more physically active Gemini. Remember the coffee shop or juice bar at the gym, too.

Cancer: All things antique and traditional appeal to Cancers, so take that logic to the social extreme and consider line dancing, western swing, or even contra dancing clubs. Live music, fun costumes, crinolines, and cowboy boots… who would expect to find a Cancer here? Well, you can. Change partners and dance!

Leo: The charming stranger who speaks to you in the elevator may be a Leo. Leos also like the wilderness, so look for them at the zoo or a safari park. They might even volunteer for a wildlife organization. A Leo might pull over at the ocean vista parking lot, whale-watching in the proper season. Go say hello and watch, too.

Virgo: Go to a baseball game. It’s a sport, but one that’s leisurely and full of tactical decisions that a Virgo can enjoy. Your Virgo will be the one eating a hot dog without losing a single drop of mustard. And, a Virgo never forgets where the car is parked.

Libra: An adventurous Libra might be lured to a hot air balloon show. Beautiful, breezy things draw Libras, so consider sailing, parasailing, parasurfing, or hang gliding events. A Libra might not compete, but you can meet one in the stands with the spectators.

Scorpio: You might find a Scorpio at a science fiction convention, if only in the con’s hotel bar. It’s an ideal place to strike up that most profound, if offbeat, discussion about the most universal and personal subjects. Scorpios are often very smart and will speculate about a range of interesting subjects.

Sagittarius: These people love horses, and especially love high-class races, so if you can’t get to the tracks, try the nearest sports bar with a lovely big screen. A love of the great outdoors rates high, too, so you might find a Sagittarius out birdwatching. Dress warmly and in good style.

Capricorn: Classic cars and railroads touch the Capricornian heart. Think power, not speed, and workhorse technology. A Cap might hang around some narrow-gauge rail line restored for public use or amusements. Caps might also like rockets and space exploration and visit a history and industry museum.

Aquarius: An Aquarius can turn up at a renaissance fair or other historical reenactment. It’s part of the Aquarian respect for the ingenuity and long-suffering endurance of past peoples, societies, and cultures. The seeds of the future are in that past, and your newfound Aquarius will be thrilled to explain all to you.

Pisces: A Pisces might haunt a favorite teashop. Enjoy a soft, low-key chat about the international varieties of tea, knowing that the water is what’s most important. Ask a Pisces’ opinion of the scones and pastries, too. Let the love flow!

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