Turn a frog into a prince

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On October 17, 2014

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Turn a frog into a prince

You are dating a wonderful person who makes you very happy. All you can think about is that it’s about time! However, there is one problem: your mate is not quite as sophisticated, classy, attractive, or in-the-know about many things that you feel he or she should be.

Before you decide that these flaws are a deal breaker you need to work your own unique brand of magic. If your partner resembles more of a frog than a prince (or princess), then for the storybook ending you are hoping for you need to find ways to bring your royal mate out of hiding and into the light of day!

Men do no see things in the same way as women do. Most men are resistant to change their ways. They like the way they do things already, so “why change?” is their mentality. Nagging will not work. In fact, this will serve no useful purpose but to send him in the opposite direction – far away from you!

So what is a well meaning gal to do? You can gently cajole and encourage your man but in such a subtle way that he will not feel as if you are making suggestions in order to improve everything from his grammar to his not wanting to get a haircut to his sometimes less-than-polished appearance.

Give your man gifts that will make him feel good and will also help to focus his thoughts in a new direction. For example, if you would like him to try some new cologne then surprise him with a bottle. If his wardrobe could use some help then purchase something new that you would love to see him in and something that you think would suit him.

Make sure though that you do not go to extremes. Stick as close to his style as possible and respect it but lean in the direction of a little more polish. Perhaps your prince-in-training simply does not know about the ins and outs of stylish dressing and elegance as you do. He may take it as a tremendous compliment that you find him sexy enough to buy him a gift that will make him smell better, show off his physique, or just make him more appealing to you!

If the man in your life thinks that culture is hot dogs, beer, and a ball game then don’t condemn him for this. Instead, open his eyes to new and exciting opportunities! Introduce him to some cultural venues in your city. Go to art gallery openings, go to the theatre when a play you both might enjoy is being performed, and attend museum exhibits.

You might want to choose one night a week or so to try something a little more cultured together. In the beginning he may feign enjoyment but in time he very well may be singing a different tune! The key is to have fun and share some laughter together. Show your enthusiasm and your passion for the events and his should follow suit!

Find a common interest and take a class together. Maybe you will paint, dance, or learn a new culture or language. Or perhaps you could explore the culinary arts together, such as taking a class in Thai cooking. This is one way to enlighten and inspire your mate as well as bring his sophistication quotient up a notch.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a few improvements on your mate. Just make sure that you don’t take too many liberties with the alterations and cause your relationship to unravel. You too should be open to the idea of making improvements in your own life. Growing together as a couple is important, but bear in mind that sometimes this can be helped along by a willingness to grow as individuals.

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