Soul Mate Dreams – fate or fantasy?


On October 17, 2014

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Soul Mate Dreams – fate or fantasy?

You wake with a smile on your face after a wonderful dream in which you were being kissed, caressed, and held close by someone very special. The feeling of love, warmth, and complete acceptance is overwhelming. You want to stay there forever, but the light of the day intrudes and the dream vanishes. The memory lingers on, though, and may come back to haunt you over the weeks and months ahead.

Soul mate dreams come in all shapes and sizes. They are the kind of dreams we all remember, and they seem to hint at relationships we would all like to experience. They suggest a meeting of mind, heart, soul, and body – a joyous communion on all levels.

There are those who have dreamt of the person they are going to marry. They may dream of this person more than once, in such a way that the face becomes etched in their memory. Some have even gone looking for that person only to return empty handed and frustrated, while others are blissfully successful.

The one for you may be dreaming of and seeking you out also. One way to bring the romance from powerful soul mate dreams into our daily life is to write down such dreams. Record every nuance – every detail – so that the scene lives before your eyes and you can enter it again anytime you choose.

Is your dream giving you information that you need to listen to and act upon? Does it suggest taking a vacation, cleaning up your relationships, and defining what you want and don’t want? Do you need to end one relationship to create space for your soul mate? Recording your dreams over a long period of time will give you plenty of information about the way things are panning out, and about what steps you need to take next.

Your current partner may not seem to be soul mate material, but your dreams may reveal that there is more to him or her than meets the eye. They may have a few jagged edges, but perhaps this is what is needed in this lifetime to bring the best out in both of you.

Soul mate dreams can also play out on many levels and dimensions – so you may be dreaming of your soul mate, but they may not be embodied on this Earth. However, you can still draw comfort from their healing presence and know that they are looking out for you.

One dreamer mentioned in the book “Dreaming True” by Robert Moss how she drew the face of her dream lover many times. At first he was a child, as she was. She continued drawing him as he grew into adolescence and finally into manhood. She followed his progress over many dream adventures as he moved from city to city and continent to continent. Finally they met and he took her to visit the house he grew up in. She recognized it from one of her own early dreams.

Other people dream of making love to a radiant being, a god or goddess, and find this to be quite exquisite. If you are happy in your current relationship yet have these dreams, find a way to bring the fragrance of the otherworld into your lovemaking and day-to-day life. Doing so will bring heavenly qualities into your relationship, especially if you make this an ongoing practice.

Finally, soul mate dreams may also be telling you something about your own relationship with the hidden side of yourself – the other half within you. The inner marriage heals inner conflicts and releases powerful creative energies. Being at ‘one’ with yourself brings inner peace, joy, and security.

The answers to all your soul mate questions can be found in your own dreams – they are like hidden treasure. Don’t lose them.

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