Let go of your past

By Horoscope.com

On November 10, 2014

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Let go of your past

Whether the pain in your past stems from a lost relationship, a traumatic childhood, or a big personal mistake, first you should look to yourself. Basic self-care during a sad, grieving period can easily be overlooked, especially if you feel like you should be blamed or punished. Deep meditation or self-divination can help you process what you’ve felt.

Don’t hold your emotions to a strict timeline, since the Universe likely has other plans! Try reading your daily horoscope, getting a Tarot reading or your fortune told, or consulting an astrology calendar. Likely, your worst feeling days are those when Saturn’s influence is destroying the old to bring in new order. Know that your suffering has a purpose.

Second, look to your resources. It may be time to invest in a therapist of some kind to help you with concrete tools that you can use to help you let go. Reach out to loving family members and friends. Chances are that you know at least one person who has asked you to “call if you need anything.” If you haven’t taken that person up on the offer, force yourself to not only ask for help, but to fully integrate that help into your life instead of saying that you can do everything on your own. Now may be an excellent time to connect with a trusted spiritual adviser or astrologer who can face your inner demons with you.

Third, look up. If you believe in God, spiritual guides, or any higher powers, these times of upheaval can be an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the spirit. No matter what is happening in your life that may make it feel very unstable, your spirituality can provide a stable rock to which you can always return.

Use the powerful influence of the Moon to answer your prayers. When the Moon is waning, that is the time for letting go and banishing your demons. When the Moon is waxing, it is time to build your new life and reinvent yourself! When the Moon is full, that is the time to look to your higher power for the greatest of blessings!

Whenever those who overcome incredible odds are examined, there is little or no commonality between race, economic status, or even the tragedy experienced. The common thread between them is resilience. The ability to, after everything seems to have gone down the tubes, get out of bed the next morning and keep doing as many of their regular activities that bring them joy as possible.

When letting go of a difficult situation, you too must strive toward resilience, even if it means faking it at first until you make it or getting inspiration from positive, motivational messages, which you can find in everything from nature to horoscopes to friends’ kind words.

Every mistake is an opportunity in disguise. Just notice how the Moon waxes and wanes and the planets move in cycles. If you aren’t careful with the process of letting go, it may be a speed-bump that affects many areas of your life at the same time. But if you use this experience with wisdom and kindness to yourself and others, you may soon find yourself sharing your inspiring story with another person who has encountered a similar issue. You will get another positive chance!

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