Eco-friendly astrology


On October 30, 2014

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Eco-friendly astrology

As the Earth’s population continues to grow, developing countries seek to improve their quality of life, and our need for resources continues to expand, as does our use – and much of it is unnecessarily wasteful. Living “green” is simply the right thing to do. It is easy and can be both fun and personally satisfying.

If you are a long time recycler, or just starting to think about doing your bit to help future generations, here are some green living tips to employ to increase your eco-awareness. Follow your sign’s suggestions, and borrow other sign’s advice as well. Then, share what eco-friendly strategies you plan to utilize with your friends. Change happens when everyone does one small part.

Aries: Aries likes speed, so if you’re in the market for a new car, choose the most fuel efficient model possible. Resolve to keep a “light foot” on the gas pedal, and in turn save money and maybe even ease occasional road rage. Learn tricks like regularly checking tire pressure and changing air filters to make your care more efficient. You can also be a pioneer among your friends as you bike, walk, or take public transportation to work.

Taurus: Taurus loves the natural world. You can be the one who learns how easy it is to compost any organic material from vegetables and fruits along with paper and cardboard, rather than send them to the landfill where they convert into greenhouse gas. Plant a kitchen garden and buy local, organic foods. They are so tasty that you will stubbornly refuse to go back. Share a more simple and delicious way of eating with family and friends.

Gemini: Gemini is naturally curious. What is your carbon footprint? Check out to see how you are doing. Then make some changes and don’t forget to blog about it! Change old-school light bulbs to compact fluorescents. Unplug your electric appliances at night, turn down your thermostats at least one degree, and use cold water for washing your clothes – yes, they still get clean. Recycle. Talk about your efforts! Challenge your Facebook network to follow your example.

Cancer: Cancer has a gift for working with community interest groups and is deeply attached their close circle of family and friends. You have the opportunity to make changes by supporting efforts to educate your community and promote eco-friendly policies. At home, you can challenge your loved ones to recycle everything possible. Declare a week, a month, or a year of “no buying,” where you spend the absolute minimum of money for necessities, or find everything else for free on sites like

Leo: Leo likes to do things on a big scale, so try buying in bulk. It will be cheaper, require fewer trips to the store, reduce wasteful packaging, and if you move to eating more whole grains, nuts, and dried fruits, it will be better for you as well! Remember when you do shop to bring your own reusable bags. You love to give and receive gifts. Rather than buying “things,” give gifts of tickets for local entertainment, gift certificates, or make donations to your favorite charities in another’s honor.

Virgo: Virgo appreciates good quality. Take the challenge to first give away what you no longer use, and then make it a regular habit to do your shopping in thrift stores, farmer’s markets, and garage sales. Take a look at for finding and trading useful items. Do research as well about the affects of commonly used household chemicals, and find simple substitutes to improve the health of your environment. Share your discoveries with the people you work with.

Libra: Libra likes bringing people together. If you already have a group that meets regularly, think about introducing green themes into your conversations, and eco-friendly ideas to share. You might want to organize an event to increase awareness and help others make their homes more energy-efficient. Challenge each other to save resources and compare your progress. As part of a group you can make a big impact. Your natural charm helps spread the word about simple changes everyone can make.

Scorpio: Scorpio has a gift for doing research. What can you do to discover less toxic and more environmentally-friendly cleaners, pest control, and even perfumes and cosmetics? The more you reduce environmental pollutants and poisons in your life, the better you will feel. Write letters demanding companies change their product ingredients. Talk to the managers of local stores, asking them to stock green products. Spread the word about more healthy alternatives to the brands you have been using.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius likes a cause and is a natural teacher. Although it is important to be green at home, you can also do much to help educate others about the reality of the global climate crisis. Children can especially be successfully encouraged to make contacts with other children around the world and talk about global solutions to cut down on greenhouse gasses, support sustainable agriculture, alternatives to fossil fuel energy, and the conservation of water. You can facilitate these “big picture” issues.

Capricorn: Capricorn is naturally ambitious and practical. As you begin to adopt more green practices into your own life, you will begin to see the part that big corporations play in addressing necessary change or supporting the status quo. You can write letters, lobby your elected officials, and join groups supporting eco-friendly alternatives. Some will be able to start businesses that model more locally-based and earth-friendly methods of production and distribution. Keep your sense of humor in the face of big challenges.

Aquarius: Aquarius likes original solutions. For you, saving the planet can be a personal statement of your own unique world view. Look for ways to add a programmable thermostat, Energy Star appliances, solar electricity, or even replace your dryer with a clothes line. You may be able to encourage the establishment of a community garden or transportation cooperative. Chat with friends and network in your community; share your own experience of how to live simply and in harmony.

Pisces: Pisces is a Water Sign. Look for ways to save water in your home and garden. It may mean changing your landscaping, or setting up a timed watering system. Toilets and shower heads can be easily made more water-efficient. Challenge your family to reduce the time spent showering. Be sure the dishwasher is full before you use it, or wash them by hand. If your tap water contains minerals or chemicals, invest in a good water filter rather than buying bottled water.

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