Dress to Improve Your Mood

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On October 29, 2014

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Dress to Improve Your Mood

Want an emotional boost? Match your mood to the color you are naturally drawn to, or change your color choice to transform your day! Here’s the ever-so-chic scoop.

You say you’re feeling blue? That isn’t necessarily a bad omen. Blue is known as the color of peace, a choice to soothe the soul. Relax, look up at the blue of the sky or out at the deep blue of the ocean, and take a deep breath. If you have a big day at the office, add an accessory in a bright hue, such as a deep red scarf or tie, to add power to that peaceful blue suit.

Radiant red can make you turn heads, feel energized, and take charge even when you’re experiencing a lack of self-confidence. The trick to wearing red when your aura is dark is to focus on developing faith in yourself and believing in your own power. If you rarely wear this bold shade but want to empower yourself, try starting small with red shoes or a burgundy jacket rather than an entire outfit.

Feel closer to nature and more relaxed in green. It’s a good choice for a weekend when you want to relax and go for a long walk, or if it’s a workday when you want to be able to form a center of peace in the midst of what might be chaos. One caution with green is to make sure you choose a shade that suits your complexion and coloring. There are some shades of green that no human can wear!

You will certainly turn heads if you wear an orange outfit! If that’s your goal, go for it. If not, choose this revitalizing color for a single item, such as a sweater or purse. Your aura will be open and approachable to Mr. or Ms. Right.

Royalty used to be the only people who could wear this color. Common folk are drawn to purple when we want to feel like we have the ability to do whatever we want. Loving purple doesn’t require that you have a stable full of horses and a house full of servants, of course. It does mean that you see yourself as someone who is strong, believes in yourself, and can make your own choices. Purple is often the favorite shade of creative people.

Mix and Match Tips
Want to power up and feel creative? Try wearing an outfit with elements of burgundy and red or amber. Seeking serenity and calm? Go for blue and green. And if you’re having one of those wild and crazy, twirl-in-a-circle-just-for-fun days, sparkle with a bit of orange and gold.

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