Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope

It's important for you to feel inspired, Sagittarius. For your birthday, go ahead indulge in anything that broadens your horizons. Your solar return is all about gazing outward and recommitting to understanding the world and your place in it. Jupiter is the planet of expansion which results in a lifetime of learning—the fate of most Sagittarians (no wonder so many end up in academia).

Consider attending a lecture or discussion on a topic you're unfamiliar with or search for a TedTalk or two that interest you. Download an inspirational audiobook or a new podcast. And listen to it while taking a solo hike to a favorite spot. The combination of physical and mental exercise is the best way to stimulate your whole being.

Archers are also natural comedians, so spend some time at a local comedy club for a stand up show. And if you're feeling extra bold, you might even consider taking an improv class yourself. Your wit and confidence translate well to the stage and you often see the world in a way that delights and surprises people. Developing your insight all while entertaining people is a great way to celebrate yourself and relate to others.

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