Your Sign’s Guilty Pleasure Food


On March 6, 2017

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Your Sign’s Guilty Pleasure Food

Even the healthiest eater needs a cheat day once in a while. This will be your most satisfying edible delight…


Your fiery nature loves anything with a kick. Grab a bag of flamin’ hot tortilla chips to scoop into a habanero cheese dip to really kick things up a notch on your cheat day!


It’s gourmet all the way for you. Spend some time browsing at your favorite upscale candy counter before you choose just the right high-dollar truffle(s) to satisfy your craving.



Oooh, this is tough. Infamous for changing your mind, you can’t decide between a sweet or savory indulgence. So, it’ll just have to be both! Chocolate-covered pretzels or candy-coated bacon both do the trick.


Always the traditionalist, you head right for the ice cream. Your fave flavor. Bowl optional, ‘cuz it’s way more fun and naughty to eat it right from the container!


You know when you go to a restaurant and wonder ‘oooh, who ordered THAT?!’ when a decadent dessert passes your table? The answer is: Probably a Leo. A treat that tastes scrumptious AND calls attention to you? Perfecto!


One of the more health-conscious signs, you don’t often overindulge. And when you do, it’s minimal. So it’s not surprising that your favorite splurge is chocolate-covered strawberries (still slightly healthy) or a basic but tasty fruit tart. Whipped cream optional.


You love beauty, so delicious works of art are your guilty pleasures. Intricately-decorated cake and over-the-top artisanal candies that make you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ are your weakness.


You’ve got to go with something bold and a bit exotic, like yourself, so a spicy Thai dish definitely hits the spot. Those rich rice dishes and creamy curries aren’t everyday fare, but every once in a while wow the forbidden sure tastes heavenly! 


Your indulgence? That treat you brought back from your travels that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Don’t you love how the first bite brings you right back to the place you were when you had it the very first time?!


Your thrifty nature seeks out a treat that’s both budget-conscious and crave-worthy, which is why Chinese takeout usually wins with you. You can get a lot of bang for your buck while still feeling a little guilty about what you’re eating!


You’re always looking for something unique, and your splurge day is no different. Your new find might turn out be ‘meh,’ but it’s still worth a shot. Which is why we’ll probably find you browsing the aisles of a foreign market looking for something different to satisfy your munchies.


Ever-the-dreamer, you love cotton candy and meringues, two very cloud-like treats that remind you of being up in the clouds (where you love to be). Why not eat a couple of pretty pastel macarons? Because they’re in the same light and fluffy category and oh-so delicious.



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