Your Mood Color for Holi – Festival of Colors


On March 13, 2017

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Your Mood Color for Holi – Festival of Colors

Happy Holi! Today, millions gather in India and other parts of the world to celebrate Holi, a colorful festival that celebrates the triumph of good over bad. Starting with the lighting of a bonfire on the Holi eve, it bridges the social gap and helps renew relationships.

While it features many ancient legends and tales, the most famous one is the story of Radha and Krishna. Lord Krishna, who had a very dull skin color, applied different bright colors to his face so he could more closely resemble Radha, his devotee, who had a very fair skin color.

During the Holi celebration, picking a color that is linked to one’s Zodiac Sign has a direct effect on one’s psychology, spirituality and physical energy. The current astrological aspects that are affecting our sign can help us pick the right color so we can gain the missing elements of our luck. 


With Venus in your sign, your color for Holi is bright pink. The different meanings of this color include sensuality, passion and pure love.


March is a very social month for you. Orange helps you communicate better with others and feel more optimistic about life in general.


Your home life and domestic stability are highlighted right now. For Holi, your color represents nature and happiness: green.


Beauty is the theme for Crabs in March. Light pink is your color to attract all things that are pretty as well as unconditional love.


Money is important for Lions this month. Brown will help Leos feel more security, protection and material wealth.


Down-to-earth Virgos are all about their self image right now. Gold is Virgo’s favorite Holi color to boost their elegance and sophistication factor.


Libras are loving and sexy in March! Red is your color for boosting the passionate elements in their lives.


Scorpios are extra creative right now. Purple is Scorpio’s Holi color to boost creativity and spirituality.


Sags need to see things clearly this month. Turquoise promotes clarity of mind and idealism.


Your favorite color for Holi is magenta, the universal color of harmony and emotional balance.


No one promotes harmony more than Aquarians. Now more than ever, the Water Bearer needs blue, the color of trust and peace.


With the Sun in your sign, your color for Holi is yellow. The different meanings of this color include joy, optimism and intellect.

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