Your Horoscope for the Week of May 28–June 3


On May 28, 2017

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Your Horoscope for the Week of May 28–June 3

A blend of sparkling cosmic energies gives the week of May 28 through June 3 an extra boost in the form of chance encounters and fun opportunities, which may lead to bigger life changes down the road. But don’t get too carried away—it’s key to stay in touch with your practical side and make sure that all these big ideas are doable before you commit. Keep talking and don’t promise anything—that way, you can work through misunderstandings and stay on good terms. And watch out this coming weekend: The cosmos suggest all signs may get wrapped up in a few confusing conversations, so keeping your wits about you is key.

Uh-oh, Rams: Time to scale back and take things one step at a time. Spontaneously volunteering your time to a project may feel good, but you might need to bring out the spreadsheets and assess the full picture if you’re to gain some advantage from your efforts. A delightful event or meeting could also brighten the days ahead. But the weekend could bring mixed messages or misunderstandings, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

You’re feeling generous, Bulls, and may reach out to help a friend without asking anything in return. Move ahead, but take heed—it’s smart to research your options when it comes to taking risks this week, especially if it’s entering new territory. Better to know what’s coming than go with the flow. And trust your gut: An encounter could confirm something you’ve wondered about.

Don’t hold back when it comes to sharing your ideas and opinions this week. In fact, sharing an insight or inspiration on social media may have an especially positive impact. Planning a social event? Consider the what-ifs and have a few backup plans, as things may not go as smoothly as you anticipated.

Feeling stuck? It may be because you’re anchored in some deep-seated emotions that are consuming a lot of energy. Set up a coffee date with a trusted friend who can and give you the confidence to let go! And don’t ignore your emails: A new contact at work may be very helpful in the future.

A last minute trip invite sounds awesome, but make sure you’ve got everything squared away at home before you pack your bags. A key aspect between Mercury and Pluto suggests that neglecting a task may make you fall out of favor with your boss. That said, the spotlight is on you at work, so they’ll definitely notice if you bring your A game. And be careful of who you confide in this weekend: Someone may not be who they seem.

A deal struck on the spur of the moment sounds good on paper, but look at the details before you commit. You have to feel completely happy with the situation before you begin next steps. And pay attention to signs: A chance encounter could crank up your confidence, giving you the assurance that, whatever challenges may arise, you can handle them.

You’re usually all about pros and cons lists, but an amazing opportunity may make you feel pressured to just say yes. Hold off until you consider the consequences. That said, everything in moderation—including caution. A chance encounter may add a little excitement to the days ahead. And take things with a grain of salt this weekend—white lies are everywhere.

Take some time for yoga or meditation—the sun is at an especially sensitive sector of your chart, which is key for examining deeper thoughts and feelings. It’s also a great time to let go of any self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. One insight, especially, is going to be very liberating for the future. But be patient: Change will happen, but slowly.

Time to pull up your Google calendar—fun plans may clash with your job or work commitments. But if you can find a way to delegate some tasks, it might be possible to get away. And keep your credit card on lock. The cosmos urges you to be creative about finding ways to enjoy yourself without it costing a lot. You may find that with some lateral thinking you can enjoy an experience for free or very little.

It’s time to spring for that new phone or laptop you’ve been eyeing—the stars say a new device could be a time-saver and provide great value for the money. And pay special attention to any incoming texts or calls from family: Someone may be using you as a crutch to avoid tapping into her own strength. Although you may feel guilty about pulling back, it could be the best way ahead for both of you.

Bring on the yoga, bubble bath, and do not disturb mode: You need some quiet time to make a key decision. That said, balance the me time by saying yes to invites that come your way—some new experiences will give you the insight you need. And pay attention to what strangers have to say: A very interesting conversation could be the start of a new and supportive friendship.

Time to have a house meeting: There’s tension brewing between you and anyone else who shares your home, but issues will be ironed out quickly if you bring them up and talk about them. You’re exhausted after a busy week, so opt for a massage or spa appointment—you know you deserve it! 

Top Illustration by Ruben Ireland.

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